Read what people are saying about Sarah M. Johnson’s new book, Life is Beautiful.

I am so glad Sarah shared her story. “Life is Beautiful” proves that even the most tragic situations and “ugly” life circumstances help shape who we are, and are ultimately ways we can share a deeper relationship and dependence on God. In our darkest moments, He is there to offer us grace, happiness, and love which is so exquisitely exemplified in “Life is Beautiful.”

This book is very well written and I would give it five out of five stars!

Itsy Bitsy Book Bits

Sarah is an incredible example of someone who was deeply lost, hit rock bottom, surrendered, found the light with help and is now on a mission to let others know that Life is Beautiful. The book and story left me uplifted and wanting to go out into the world and live life to the fullest, because you never know when your time may be up.

John Lipscomb

Unsure of what exactly I'd find when I opened Sarah M. Johnson's true-life account, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, I found myself devouring this touching, candid narrative of a tragic time a bit smoothed out in the form of hope in God and of a tomorrow. This book was an overall uplifting experience for me, one I believe everyone will find uplifting.

Elaine Stock

Life is Beautiful will encourage you to view your life’s circumstances through a different lens. It will help you look for the ways God is working around you. It will lead you to search out the places where God is connecting with you through the story He is allowing you to live.

Because that’s the thing about this life. God never promised it would be easy. But He did promise to show up. He did promise to never leave us. He did promise to work in all things for our good. And when you recognize that, just like Sarah, you will find that life can truly be beautiful again.

Holly Barrett

Sarah M. Johnson has an inspirational story to share with the world, and she has done an eloquent job of doing so. By sharing her story in such an open and honest way, Sarah shows readers they are not alone. She finds that there are others who are willing to be there and help her. Just as Sarah found guidance and help, she inspires others to do the same. Sarah M. Johnson truly expresses the concept that life can be beautiful no matter what has happened in our past.

Kelsey M

We are all not going to live forever and each and every one of us in life will have to face the death of someone that we love. This book Life is Beautiful is the perfect read for finding your way back to the higher power and knowing that although a piece of you will always be missing, you are still here and given the opportunity to live.

Samantha Obitz

I couldn't put this book down. This story was very touching and honest. This reminded me that healing & recovery is a life-long process and not so much finding our ideal lives without heartbreak & disappointment but finding our truth and thriving despite the pain we all face.

Jamie Escalante

I don't read a lot of books, but was able to get this book, thought it would be something I would enjoy, it was so good that I read the whole book in a day and a half, I just needed to read more, Sarah's book is well written and makes you wonder how someone can go thru such a ordeal, she is so lucky to have God in her life so she was able to pursue her education and to be able to marry and have a happy family, This is a must read for everyone.

Sheila Tharaldson

Sarah has taken her tragedy and used it to inspire. This book took a lot of courage to write, and left me thinking about ways I can use trials in my own life to strengthen myself and others. It left me with a really good feeling, would really recommend this book!


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